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Trek Nepal & Help the Local Community

Off-the-Rails has put together another amazing trek into Nepal and coupled it with local community actions that is helping to establish a local library and other philanthropic projects in the Annapurna region.

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Philanthropic Focus
Special TripOff-the-Rails organizers have coupled our philanthropic focus with humanitarian projects around the world. Not only will you enjoy the fantastic adventures you have come to expect from Off-the-Rails, but in addition, we will take time during the trip to visit an orphanage, school or library - do some fun work - and see just how easy it is to brighten up the lives of others. Look for upcoming trips that display the heart!

This focus supports what we all envisioned from the beginning—a trusted, personal network where you can be an active contributor in projects that interest you.

If you are interested in helping us in any way—writing articles, hosting local events, organizing/leading trips, or ???. Then contact us now! We can use all the help we can get.

Last minute ideas
Focus on Southeast Asia!
Looking for a great last minute getaway? We know of some great places to go where you can have a blast and leave knowing that you had a positive impact with the area you visited.

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In addition to our yearly Carnaval trips, we've got some fantastic excursions lined up to visit Nepal, Croatia, Amalfi Coast, Thailand & Cambodia, Laos, Chile and more!

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It's time to start planning for Carnaval! So let's pick a time to throw a Carnaval here.

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Looking back

Members of the tribe wentto the Amalfi Coast of Italy a while back...

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Community News...

We want to thank each and every one of you that have helped us with the beta test of CrossRoads! It has been a smashing success and we are madly developing and integrating the ideas and suggestions that you have come up with!

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Off-the-Rails is a trusted network of friends that share insights and connections to countries and cultures around the world.

We champion innovation and promote sustainable development through philanthropic travel projects that are not only interesting and fun, but somehow enhance the social well-being of the developing countries that we visit.

Through our travels, we learn more about the world around us while encouraging responsible tourism and creating unique cultural experiences that take the traveler far beyond that of the typical tourist.

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Coming Soon!

Off-the-Rails is partnering with the new philanthropic social network,, to provide our members with new community features.

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