Trek with Off-the-Rails co-founder Dave Douglas as we discover the Himalayas and the magical people of Nepal.

Thailand & Cambodia
Visit the lost temples of Angkor and experience Thailand's festval of lights as we join in on the fun of Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai.

Join founder Dave Douglas on an amazing Carnaval experience in Salvador, Brazil!

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Himalayan Fair (Berkeley)
Saturday, May 17
Sunday, May 18

Roof Deck Party!
Saturday, May 19


Completely Foolish Travel Stories

Books for the Children

Currently all Off-the-Rails Events take place in or around San Francisco, CA.

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Creating Off-the-Rails

How it Began
Off-the-Rails was founded in 2003 by San Francisco-based friends John Carr and Dave Douglas, two guys that have worked, lived and traveled all around the world. During this time they developed an extensive network of travel contacts-from local business leaders to resourceful rickshaw drivers, and every level in between.

Life on the road taught them to appreciate the importance of local knowledge and in-country connections, which together are the key to unlocking hidden travel gems—those places that guidebooks never mention and locals only share if you're a trusted friend.

It was the concept of tapping into local connections, of building & sharing valuable travel information with other like-minded travelers that became the "travel tribe"—a network of people that tap into the local knowledge of a new destination so they can cut down the wasted days and learning curves usually associated with independent travel.

The Travel Tribe
The travel tribe started as an informal network of friends who shared insider travel information about countries they had come to know intimately from years of living and working abroad. Little known tips on finding the perfect villa in Bali, or advice on where to get the best cup of coffee at 2AM in Havana, the knowledge was wide-ranging and the benefits were unmistakable. The information they shared opened doors to a world that can only be accessed with serious local connections.

As the community grew so did their collective knowledge about countries around the globe and the realization that many developing communities are impoverished despite the wealth of tourism flourishing around them. With this in mind, John and Dave decided to find ways to promote responsible tourism and create sustainable models for these scocieties.

As the projects began to grow and take on a life of their own, Off-the-Rails decided to open the travel tribe to others who want to share and benefit from this truly unique knowledge. Understanding that there would be a natural selection process where members would create their own bands of tribes based on beliefs, interests, and physical attributes.

Trips & Events
Today, Off-the-Rails provides the infrastucture for the tribe by developing trips to countries around the world, places where we have the knowledge and resources to pull together an unparalleled experience. And we help you connect with other like-minded travelers at local events hosted throughout the year.

We also understand that some trips & events need to be for women only, kid friendly, or wheelchair accessible. The goal is to not to exclude by having restrictions or requirements, but to meet people's special needs so they can have the best experience possible.

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Should You Join the Tribe?
If you feel that you have something to give or have been looking for authentic travel experiences that take you to a country's heart and soul in ways that typical tourists never experience, then Off-the-Rails is for you. Fill out an application to join the travel tribe today.

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