Trek with Off-the-Rails co-founder Dave Douglas as we discover the Himalayas and the magical people of Nepal.

Thailand & Cambodia
Visit the lost temples of Angkor and experience Thailand's festval of lights as we join in on the fun of Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai.

Join founder Dave Douglas on an amazing Carnaval experience in Salvador, Brazil!

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Himalayan Fair (Berkeley)
Saturday, May 17
Sunday, May 18

Roof Deck Party!
Saturday, May 19


Completely Foolish Travel Stories

Books for the Children

Currently all Off-the-Rails Events take place in or around San Francisco, CA.

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Find Those Hidden Travel Gems…

Off-the-Rails is a private community of individuals, a virtual "Travel-Tribe", that shares insights and connections to countries and cultures around the world.

Each of us belong to the Travel-Tribe for different reasons, but we all share a passion for travel.

Although we think of Off-the-Rails as a single community, many of us belong to multiple smaller tribes that are focused on specific interests such as wine tasting, kite-surfing, building libraries in developing countries, or anything else we enjoy doing or aspire to do while we travel.

Most of us are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but a few of us are living abroad and still have fairly tight connections to someone back in the Bay Area.

Our mission as a whole, is to create an extensive network of travel contacts-from important community leaders to resourceful rickshaw drivers and every level in between.

We champion innovation and promote sustainable development through realistic travel excursions that are not only interesting and fun, but usually somehow enhance the social well-being of the developing countries that we visit.

Through our travels, we learn more about the world around us while encouraging responsible tourism and creating unique cultural experiences that take the us far beyond that of the typical tourist.

As our trusted network grows, we meet more and more like-minded travelers and share hidden travel gems—those places that guidebooks never mention, internet search engines never find, and locals only reveal if you’re a trusted friend.

By tapping into the "power of the tribe" the knowledge becomes wide-ranging and the benefits are unmistakable.

In addition, Off-the-Rails supports the Travel-Tribe by providing an online infrastructure that allows individuals to create groups based on their personal interests, plan events so they can all get together when they're not traveling, share ideas and information with each other and create unique trips to destinations that would otherwise be impossible.

For example, if you are into snow boarding, you could:

  • create a group that is all about snow boarding;
  • ask others to join you for the next Warren Miller screening at Fort Mason, and maybe pizza & beer afterwards;
  • find a ride-share for a "sick day" up to the Sierra’s after a huge mid-week dump (don’t forget your sun block, you’re supposed to be sick!);
  • share the latest discount lift ticket or your secret cornice with the whole group, or just your trusted friends;
  • organize a trip in the middle of August to "Snow board this summer in Chile!" if you’re jonesing for some killer South American riding.

The possibilities are endless. You could just as easily do the same things around wine and head up to Napa or create a "Sideways trip down to Chile!"’s all up to you how you want to use Off-the-Rails and tap into to power of the tribe.

What are Off-the-Rails Members Like?
Many of our members come from all walks of life and are simply looking for unique travel experiences that make their lives richer and more complete.

Others are busy professionals that want to "give back" to the communities they have visited over the years, but don't have time to plan the logistics of a complex, philanthropic vacation.

On the other hand, some of our members are single women that want an increased sense of security when they travel to remote destinations throughout the world.

And quite a few of us are folks that have lost our travel tribe over the years and are looking for new friends to travel with in ways that are not available to the typical traveler.

But in each and every case, our members are individuals that share a passion for travel, love to take the road less traveled, and are interested in the well-being of our friends living in the communities we visit around the world.

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Should you join Off-the-Rails?
Although Off-the-Rails is a private network of trusted friends, we’re always on the lookout for other "birds of a feather".

If you like the idea of authentic travel experiences that take you to a country's heart and soul in ways that typical tourists never experience and feel that you can add to the value of this community, then I personally encourage you to fill out an application. We will review it immediately and get back to you. And yes, joining is FREE!

Happy Trails...

Dave Douglas
Executive Director, Off-the-Rails

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