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Most of our members have discovered Off-the-Rails through a friend or family member. Because of this, we've been able to cultivate a great group of travel enthusiasts who have been personally invited, and continue to contribute to our CrossRoads community in various ways. However you may have found us today, we welcome you, and you can rest assured that you are in a community that cares about its membership.

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Benefits of joining Off-the-Rails:

Explore the World - Enjoy specially negotiated savings, and receive priority when booking trips sponsored by Off-the-Rails.

Member only Discounts - Above and beyond the already discounted low rates, save even more with an additional 5% to 10% savings on every Off-the-Rails trip!

Priority Booking for Members - Many of our special event and most popular trips fill up fast. Members will be given priority to book first before places are open to friends and non-members.

Local Events - Meet like-minded travelers at one of our upcoming events. Find new travel buddies or gain unique insight into that special place you've always dreamed of visiting.

Expert Travel Counselors - Tap into the "Power of the Tribe" and enjoy unparalleled insight from handpicked members of the tribe. Receive expert advice on where to go on your next trip; the best time to go, special events and festival, and what to do when you get there.

Efficient Travel Planning - Enjoy planning your trip online with other members going on your trip without ever leaving your home or office. Quickly find out specific information, ask questions, make suggestions, and be involved with ongoing discussions for the whole group!

Travel Services - Receive personal assistance with all of your travel requirements such as passports, visas, health precautions, and insurance.

CrossRoads Advisory Board - Become directly involved in the mission of Off-the-Rails and content of CrossRoads; plus help create new, exciting upcoming trips. Be an active voice in new or ongoing philanthropic projects, try your hand at travel writing, or get involved in planning local events for other members of the tribe. Since Off-the-Rails is a community that manages itself, the possibilities are endless.

Special Members Only Invitations - Receive exclusive invitations throughout the year to world-class Off-the-Rails' events in your area.

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