Connect with Other Travelers
Off-the-Rails parties are a great way to meet people who share similar travel interests and lifestyles—people you'd like to travel with. Maybe you already have your own travel tribe of friends that you’ve been traveling with for years? Bring them along and checkout whether a particular trip interests you and your group.

When & Where

Our events are held in or around San Francisco and will be rolled out over the next year to serve our members in other cities such as New York and Atlanta. There is usually no cost to attend unless specified.
Want to see who else is planning to attend the next Wine Tasting Event? Want to suggest an event be held in your neighborhood?

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Off-the-Rails Events

Off-the-Rails hosts destination focused and travel related social events regularly throughout the year. Our events provide you with an opportunity to get a feel for the countries where we are currently planning trips and connect with other travel-tribe members. Whether you see one of your favorite destinations listed on the site or not, we encourage you to stop by, meet members of the Tribe, share some of your knowledge, and possibly pick up a new travel tip.

Upcoming Events:

April 1st - Annual Completely FOOLISH Travel Stories
October - In San Francisco, that means it Summertime! Keep an eye out for an upcoming party on Dave's deck!

  • Roof Deck Party! Blue Angles overhead, BBQ, Chips & Beer....ahhh

Have an event idea?
We're always looking for fun things to do regarding travel - where members of the tribe can come together, have a good time and take something away in terms of travel.

If you're a professional photographer and want to present a slide show; know how to cook something ethnic and want to teach others; love helping others and want to discuss a philanthropic project you've been dying to do; or just want to get folk together to learn more about a specific country or region then—please contact us and let us know your ideas or suggestions!

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