Trek with Off-the-Rails co-founder Dave Douglas as we discover the Himalayas and the magical people of Nepal.

Thailand & Cambodia
Visit the lost temples of Angkor and experience Thailand's festval of lights as we join in on the fun of Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai.

Join founder Dave Douglas on an amazing Carnaval experience in Salvador, Brazil!

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Himalayan Fair (Berkeley)
Saturday, May 17
Sunday, May 18

Roof Deck Party!
Saturday, May 19


Completely Foolish Travel Stories

Books for the Children

Currently all Off-the-Rails Events take place in or around San Francisco, CA.

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Off-the-Rails Offers Something Different
Off-the-Rails is for people who love to travel but are looking for something different. It’s for those of us that want to go beyond “just getting there”, we want to have memorable experiences too. It’s for people that want their time off to be something more than a pre-packaged tour, and they want to know who their going to be meeting along the way.

The challenge comes from trying to find unique adventures that are affordable, fit into a reasonable time frame, and with the right people.
Off-the-Rails solves this dilemma by leveraging this through CrossRoads, your trusted network. It allows like-minded people to update each other on late-breaking information that goes beyond any guidebook so the can create trips that are better than anything they could do by themselves.
The Off-the-Rails CrossRoads is a collective group of many smaller tribes of like-minded individuals. Each with different ideas about what makes a trip perfect, where to go, what to do while they're there.
The Perfect Trip
Invariably, opinions will vary about the ideal vacation. For some, it's a journey through the mysterious lands of Southeast Asia, and may even involve giving back in some way to the communities we visit. For others, a full immersion into Trinidad Carnival is the perfect way to blow off steam and recharge their batteries.

Either way, you’ll be traveling in a way that can only be experienced with in-depth knowledge and serious local connections.

That's why becoming a member of Off-the-Rails is such a great concept. Regardless of where we go, you'll be among like-minded friends that you chose to be with because you already know them or met them at one of our Off-the-Rails events. 
Destination-focused Events
Off-the-Rails hosts social events regularly throughout the year. Our events provide you with an opportunity to get a feel for the countries where we are currently planning trips. Whether you see one of your favorite destinations listed on the site or not, we encourage you to stop by, meet members of the Tribe, share some of your knowledge, pick up a new travel tip or two.

Connect with Other Travelers
Off-the-Rails parties are also a great way to meet people who share similar travel interests and lifestyles—people you'd like to travel with. Maybe you already got your own travel tribe of friends that you’ve been traveling with for years, then bring them along and checkout whether a particular trip interests you and your group.

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