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Italy - Amalfi Coast

Campania has the Sorrentine peninsula and the romantic towns of the Amalfi Coast. Connecting these towns is the Amalfi Drive, a cliff-hugging stretch of road that tests one's faith in civil engineering as it snakes above rocky cliffs plunging into the sea. Erosion has contorted the rocks into mythological shapes and hollowed out grottoes where the air is turquoise and the water an icy blue. White villages, dripping with flowers, nestle in the coves or climb like vines up the steep terraced hills; small boats dot the blue below like brightly colored fish. The road must have a thousand turns, each with a different view, on its dizzying 69-km (43-mi) journey from Sorrento to Salerno. En route, it traverses some of the most drop-dead gorgeous real estate on earth.

Trip Highlights

  • Explore the great city of Naples, from where there are also visits to the verdant island of Ischia, the extraordinary classical ruins of Herculaneum and stunning Mt Vesuvius.
  • Enjoy the deep blue water as we take ferries to the different hill towns dotted along the Amalfi Coast.
  • Feast in gourmond style for breakfast and lunch at waterside cafes and romantically lit hillside evening spots overlooking spectacular sunsets.


When: Late Summer/Early Fall (August/September)

Length of Trip: 10 Days

Group Size: 5 people

Status: Full

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