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We've negotiated some amazing deals and put together the trip of a lifetime—but you need to act now, time is running out...

carnaval in Salvador, Bahia...the best Carnaval in Brazil!

Whether you're looking for something that gets you right in the middle with locals, or immersed with hundreds of thousands of revelers in the biggest street party in the world; we've got a trip lined up that will satisfy your Carnaval craving.

"The world goes to Rio, but Brazilians go to Bahia"

Anyone that's in-the-know understands that Salvador is the place to be!

Although Rio's Carnaval is the most glamorous and famous throughout the world, it's way too choreographed, pricey...and let's face it...too many tourists. That's why the they have a saying in Brazil: "para as inglês ver" - literally, for the English to watch!

Rio can be a blast, no doubt about it, but you need to arrange EVERYTHING in advance, pay extra VIP prices just to get in to the parties, and you usually end up in a smoky club somewhere after hanging out in the sambadrome (a HUGE stadium) watching float after float go by.

So although it's fun, trust us, Rio is not where it's at; at least not in an Off-the-Rails sort of way.

If you're really interested in checking out Carnaval for real, getting into the heart and soul of the people and the rhythm—then take a look at the trip we've put together for you.

You will see right off the bat that this world party is best for you and your friends.

Trip Description:

As usual, the only thing you need to plan for this Off-the-Rails adventure is your airfare and what to pack. We have local people looking out for us, so that means you won't have to go through the hassle of finding your way through a new country during the confusion of Carnaval. All you need to do is show up at the airport; ready for an experience of a lifetime.

We have some great luxury accommodation (see pics), some of the best to be had in Salvador. It is in a great, safe part of town. Close to everything with easy access to the Beach. You can easily walk to the beautiful old section of town called Pelourinho, visit restaurants near the hotel, or head to the Shopping Barra mall for some air conditioning and pick up anything you forgot or just can't live without.

We will spend 5 days and nights in Salvador during the Carnaval festivities and then head to the beautiful island of Morro de São Paulo for 3 days and nights of chilling at the beach and parties in the evening.

While at Carnaval, prepare to be impressed! We have some of the hottest bands in Brazil lined up for you to participate in. And when you're not in the Bloco, we have private party booths (camarotes)...above the crowd for you to escape to when you need a drink or nature calls.

After Carnaval, we're all going to the little serene island of Morro de São Paulo, just South of Salvador. Morro is a beautiful little place where they have no cars and the taxi's that haul peoples luggage from the pier to the village above are wheel barrows.

The daytime is spent lounging on one of the beautiful beaches or just about any activity imaginable. There's water sports, hiking to waterfalls, scuba diving, and even a cable slide into the water for those wanting a thrill.

In the evenings, many people make at least one trip to the lighthouse to watch the sunset before heading into the romantic village for a bite to eat and then down to the beach after a rest, where there's always a crowd gathering in the circle formed by the many drink stands set up for the night.

Then, for those that aren't burnt out from Carnaval, there's usually at least one big show performed by someone famous from Carnaval. Friday night is our last night in Morro which gives you the whole weekend to make your way back home or continue on with your vacation.

We believe that we've thought of everything you're going to need while you're there in terms of comfort and safety, but you need to act quickly! Carnaval is selling out now and we need to finalize the arrangements ASAP!

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Trip Details

When: February 21st - 28th, 2009 (Satruday to Saturday)

Length of Trip: 7 Days

What's Included: Accommodations, carnaval tickets to exclusive events & parties, carnaval bloco passes & attire, carnaval band fees, access to booze cart during carnaval, roundtrip transportation to the island of Morro de São Paulo, customized pocket guide/map providing essential knowledge of the area. Does NOT include international airfare.

Itinerary: There is no set schedule, everyone is on their own, except for Wednesday (February 25st) when we all head to the island of Morro de São Paulo.

With that in mind, we will all be in the same hotel, carnaval bands (blocos) and private party booths (camarotes) - so we will be running into each other all the time.

Usually people start gathering for drinks somewhere close to the hotel and work their way towards whatever they're going to do that evening.

The main event nights are carnaval Monday & Tuesday, but a lot of people start arriving for carnaval a week earlier. So by the time we arrive on saturday, February 21st, the party is in full swing.

Wednesday (February, 25th) Carnaval is officially over, and we head to the island of Morro de São Paulo in the afternoon (after we've had a chance to recover from the night before!) to chill for a few days.

The last night's stay is Friday (February 27th) on São Paulo. On Saturday, people can then take the boat back to Salvador to catch their flight or continue on their vacation.

Status: Registration open, reserve your places now!

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