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Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

Join us for the absolute best of Trinidad Carnival.

This annual festival attracts people from around the world for amazing music, non-stop dancing and the joyful celebration of life!

Trinidad & Tobago is Off-the-Rails co-founder John Carr's homeland and nobody knows Carnival like John and his local Trini friends.

If you've ever thought about doing Carnival don't miss this truly Off-the-Rails opportunity!!!

"Trini" Carnaval Overview
Trinidad Carnaval takes on a distinctly Caribbean flavor in Trinidad, which hosts the "Mother of all Caribbean Carnivals". Although Bachanals (pre-parties) begin days before, the true beginning of Carnaval starts with J'ouvert on the pre-dawn hours Sunday night before Carnaval Monday, where the streets fill with jubilant celebrants. J'ouvert is famous (or infamous) for the appearance of large carts of mud, and water paints which participants fling all over themselves and each other. Throughout the days of celebration, large trucks carrying bands playing soca music, or steel pan orchestras, drive slowly through the streets with costumed dancers (all of us!) following behind. People from all over the Caribbean pour in to listen to music, dance, drink, and enjoy the height of madness. Competitions for best band, best costume, best calypso and soca songs, best steel orchestra, etc., are also held during the festival. Near Midnight on Tuesday, the religious observances begin for many, as Ash Wednesday and Good Friday signal the beginning of Lent and a significantly more subdued lifestyle. That's when we head over the little island of Tobago to chill.

"Trinidad is one of the most multicultural countries in the world, and it is so amazing to see everyone get involved. Even the kids get a special day where they "play mas" (dress up in masquerade) and get their groove on. It has a very local feel, unlike Rio where there are literally thousands and thousands of tourists. The Trini's are so proud of their heritage, and although Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is second only to Rio as the largest Carnival celebration in the world, they still make you feel like an extended member of the family".

The trip starts out in Trinidad, where we will attend pre-parties and experience Trini island life like a local. Then we celebrate Carnival for three days; starting out with Jouvert' (a pre-dawn party that has everyone covered in water paints and dancing through the streets until sunrise).

We then fly over to Tobago and stay in private villas overlooking the ocean where you have some time to yourself. Of course we will still an afternoon of snorkeling and a picnic at Buccoo Reef, but you will have plenty of time to relax by the pool or beach for a read, play golf at one of Tobago's finest resorts, participate in water sports of every type, or experience a bird watching eco-adventure in Tobago's world famous tropical rainforest. Last time we had private massages ready for those that wanted one when we arrived worn out from three days of Carnival...

And did we mention the food? Trinidad cuisine is as diverse as the different ethnic groups that make up the people of Trinidad & Tobago. We go all out as we taste the finest foods of the region. Beleive it or not, our hotel has one of the finest restaurants on Trinidad, and we wil be sure to visit the Kariwak Village for an evening of dining.

Trip Highlights

  • Go inside Carnival instead of standing on the sidelines watching; from the hottest local parties and concerts to dancing side-by-side local Off-the-Rails friends in Carnival's premier costume band.
  • 4-star hotel accomodations and dining in Trinidad that are walking-distance from the essential Carnival festivities—take part in all the activities or relax by the pool and go at your own pace.
  • Enjoy the warm water of the Caribbean with a day at the beach, munching on T&T favorites like shark-and-bake & washing it down with "beastly cold" carib beers.
  • 3-days at private beach-side villa on the tranquil island of Tobago for post-Carnival relaxation.


When: Week of Carnaval (Saturday thru Saturday)

Length of Trip: 8 Days

Cost: $3,750 per person, double-occupancy (single supplement - $950) all inclusive - except meals (transfer from airport, top accommodations, transportation, roundtrip flight from Trinidad to the island of Tobago, tickets to exclusive events & the best parties, custom made costumes, carnaval band fee, access to booze cart during Carnival, day on private boat, beach day/picnic on Tobago).

Status: Registration Open

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